Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My first blog

I was never really into the blogging world, but I suppose it would make life easier. So for all those interested, this blog will document (quite inconsistently probably) the next six months of my life in the far away land of Senegal. I'm doing an internship with the UN there starting in the beginning of July. Wish me luck!

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Hassan said...

Heba is like a niece to me, so my comments will always be typical of a proud Uncle, endlessly praising her courage, her sincerity and her ambition. Why, you may ask, does a girl graduate with high honors if not to go into Yuppie land straight out of college?

To me, the answer is clear.

May god bless your journey Heba, and may Senegal become a better place when you leave it. At least, the office and co-workers since I don't think you will persuade the warriors with your pen. But, then, I keep hope alive for the soldiers too, because their leaders will be affected by the UN policy makers whom Heba will sway with accurate, compassionate humanitarianism.


Uncle Hassan

PS Happy Birthday on the 4th of July