Tuesday, September 11, 2007

White girl can't dance

So first of all, here is the long awaited booboo.... I have a little trouble walking in it because my adoptive mother Betty made it a bit too tight in the skirt, but that's a minor detail.

And here is the booboo in action at my friend's wedding - yes, my friend (Ndeye Cisse - middle) got married, can you believe it? It was basically arranged two days before, in a haste to get the couple married because they had had a fight and weren't speaking. Betty (the groom's adoptive mother - Betty has "adopted" a lot of children) thought if she married them quickly, there would be no chance of the relationship ending. It wasn't the big Senegalese party (that is yet to come) but it was the more formal thing when the men go to the mosque (the women stay home and prepare the donuts) and then everyone comes by the home to congratulate the couple. Only the groom wasn't there because he was studying for an exam! Weird.

Now, for the point of this blog. I was going to a concert with Atouman and his friend at a nightclub here. I didnt really feel like doing my hair, so I figured it would be "cool" to wear the scarf of the booboo - I tied it differently, and I thought cooly, but as it turns out, no one wears those scarfs in that kind of context. The scarves are to be worn with the rest of the ensemble when you're going to the market or whatever. They are appropriate for casual outings, but they are not considered chic.

So you remember the scene in "Save the Last Dance" when the girl walks into the club and she's the only white girl and she's totally out of place. They had to take her to the bathroom and turn her shirt into a scarf... Well, I needed someone to do the opposite...That scarf needed to come off ! But in any case, the club had a stage and a huge open space which was full - from the beginning - of people dancing. There may have been chairs and tables somewhere, but I don't even know because I couldn't move there were so many people. They don't grind like in North America. Everyone stands in circles and they dance as a group. Although, the girls certainly have an amazing ability to shake their booties! But actually, there were more men dancing than women! I need to learn how to dance to mbalach (Senegalese pop) NOW because really, it's becoming a huge embarassment to be anywhere where dancing takes place and stand around like a white girl with no rhythm!


Still.Searching said...

Heba.. That picture looks as authentically Sengalese as they come!! Really nice. I Thought the boubou was more a straight dress with two slits for the sleeves like the Jalabeya.. this is a sophisticated piece of sewing. I do not care if the scarf looks "chic" at night or not... it looks really really neat.. If it takes a "white" girl (remember it's all relative :-) ) to start the fashion trend of wearing the scarf to evening events, so be it :-)..

I can see they are still not feeding you and Ramadan has not evcen started yet!

Salooly said...

Wow, Heba! You look great in that pic! Totally original :) Miss ya!

Ghadeer said...

Hooly looly = )
I like your smile in this picture the most. You look so happy with that little scarf. now you got to know the secret behind my smile. it comes from the scarf I wear hon
= ) lol kidding..

I loved the booboo on you and I loved it's name. Why don't we have funny names like that.. booboo hoohoo kookoo? = P

Ramadan Karim habebti .. wishing you a very blessed Ramadan.
Ghadeerooroo = P

Erin and Kristina said...

hey yaboob, love the booboo. it looks really great on you! you are honestly making me scared to go to Africa when you refer to yourself as white -- what are they going to think of my dancing?????!

love moores

Emily said...

You look amazing in that outfit :) You're doing an amazing job representing white girls everywhere!