Monday, November 26, 2007

How to be a guy in Senegal

Any time you see a white girl, follow these instructions, exactly.

1 - Ask her her name.
2 - Ask her where she comes from.
3 - Ask her if she is married.

Seriously. That is the systematic order. Without fail.

"No tudd?"
"Fo joge?"
"Am nga jeker?"

I've mastered the system though. My answers are:

Eva. (that's all they can understand. There is no 'h' in Wolof, and the 'b' is a bit unusual)
Man waa Canada la.

I'm from Canada.
And yes, I am married.

That's how to keep them away.

Even better: "My husband is Senegalese." Then they really like you.

But lately, I've decided to have a little fun. When the taxi man asked me to marry him the other day, I said, "Sure, we'll go to the mosque this weekend. But as long as you kill 3 sheep." He answers: "Three? I can't afford three." I say, "Well I'm sorry; I can't accept any less." It's quite an enjoyable game.

Except when it came from the 103-year-old on the bus. (so he said anyway). Then I wasn't so much in the mood to joke. I said yes right away!


Kamal Shaath said...
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Kamal Shaath said...

I cannot make any comments... I have to wait for Ghadeer to start...

I am waiting :))

Ghadeer said...


Congratulation darling = )
We will wait the photos of your wedding to be posted soon = P LOL
It must be so fun game Eva = )
Okay Kamal, go ahead you can comment now = P
Miss ya Heba!

Fresca said...

you're white?

Kamal Shaath said...

So let me see... I have:
6 Sheep,
1 Goat
3 Chicken, and
8 Pigions

What do I win?
Heba... at least you have found a way to entertain yourself while you are there :)))
In the Dubai you would offered, car, house , jewelwry and money to become the second or third wife !!!!
Just in case you did not know.... It is FREEEEZING back home...
Take Care

Salooly said...

Heck, if he's hot, I say go for it!! Senegalese and all...cuz there ain't any guys in Ottawa, that's for sure! ;-) miss you loads!