Friday, January 4, 2008

The whirlwind

So I am now in Egypt, and it has been a suprisingly big shock to my system.

I left Senegal at a 6:30am flight (didn't sleep the night before), arrived in Casablanca Thursday morning (transit point), took the train into the city to visit a little (Celine, the outdoor coffee shops and their bizarre Arabic reminded me of our trip), took an 11pm flight to Egypt and am now sitting at my cousin's computer, after two consecutive nights without sleep.

I didn't realize the change would hit me as much as it did. I guess I had forgotten how different Senegal was. Food is a bit part of it. When I saw a McDonald's riding the bus in Casablanca, I had a sudden surge of happiness. When I got to Egypt, my cousin took me to the mall, where we stopped at a desert place. I was so overwhelmed by the menu - cheesecakes and milkshakes - and the stores with everything you could possibly need.

I'm just in a totally different world all of a sudden - surrounded by family and rich foods, in comfort and luxury. (Imagine that, Egypt has now become comfort and luxury - changing reference points I guess) It's disorienting to think that just 36 hours ago, I walked through the sandy streets, passed the sheep, to a house with bare concrete walls, where I spoke my broken Wolof to people I could possibly never see again. It makes me a bit sad to see how easily Senegal can dissapear into the past. (I vow to return, but you never know where life will take you).

From Thursday morning to Saturday night, I will have done Senegal, Morocco, Egypt and Chad. It's a whirlwind really. Or like a slideshow that is continually changing and completely different slides.

The next three weeks in Chad will be a totally new environment for me. I am scared and excited at once. I probably won't be posting while I'm there, but will get back to you when I'm back in Egypt.

I can't wait to be able to just sit down and digest everything I've gone through in the last few months. But that day won't come anytime soon. So until then, let the whirlwind sweep me away...

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Amanie said...

Salam Heba!

Guess who? Your semi-little-sis. Hebba told me you were in Senegal, and my mom also spoke to your mom over the break. Wow, masha'Allah you are doing great things and in such distant places. I pray you are able to accomplish all you set out to do and are able to find your place in this whirlwind we call life. May Allah SWT guide each step you take and fill your heart with purpose and peace. Be careful!

Much love,