Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sudan through new eyes

I woke up jet-lagged today, but stepped out into the heat of Khartoum and felt refreshed. I am happy to be back. Vacation in Canada was great - and I am so grateful for the wonderful time spent with friends and family - but it was also lots of running around. It's nice to settle down again. But my happiness is about more than that. Being in Canada, being one step - well thousands i guess - removed from the details of daily news reporting, helped me gain a lot of perspective. People asked me questions that forced me to think - 'So what is your conclusion?', 'Are things getting better or worse in Sudan?', etc. etc. - and those questions reminded me of how important it is for me to be here. I think I lost track of that along the way.

I've decided to make a real effort to connect with Sudan this time around. To say hi to strangers on the street more often. To go to cultural events. To go to people's homes. To really understand this country... and to smile more! To see the beautiful sides of this place and to live more happily here.

This morning I went to exchange money, get a new sim card, and renew my internet subscription. Everything went so smoothly and I thought... maybe things can work in this country! Maybe I can build a life here after all...(temporarily anyway)

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Hi Heba,

It is nice to read that upon returning to a place that has taken on new meaning, you have decided to "make a real effort to connect with Sudan this time around."

I think this can only bring you closer to your subject: the people of Sudan and their life situation. I hope it works and that you smile more to your hosts, that you begin to really understand the country, that you see the beautiful sides of Sudan without ignoring the challenges and the things that could improve.

I look forward to reading more.

We should try to hook up if possible once I get to Sudan next month, although I will be situated in the South, based in Juba.