Monday, September 26, 2011

Some photos

I got another hilarious email from Sami yesterday that read:

We need picture in ur blog
That is not acceptable

Can't say no to the Old Man!

Dubai in all its glory

Karim and Tamer at a Lebanese restaurant.

Karim's daily activity

The living room of my new apartment - please excuse the furniture.

Look carefully: it's a stuffed camel wearing a traditional galabeya and head dress. Bought it at "The Camel Company".

Local Emiratis at the mall

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salooly said...

Nice pictures, heba aly! looks like you're havin fun! i like the living room furniture :)

Pemma said...

Why are we supposed to ignore the living room photos? I have no couch, so the fact that you have many makes me jealous! I have been waiting for my couch from the Bay since early September. They say it's arriving Monday morning but somehow I'm not holding my breath! Love the rest of the pictures, thank you Sami for forcing her hand!