Sunday, July 1, 2007

A day around town

I'm realizing now what a difference it makes to travel with someone... Even something as simple as taking out my camera to take a picture seems so much more daunting if you're alone. What if I get mugged? What if they realize I'm a retarded foreigner? I'm so hungry and just too scared to buy a mango on the street cuz I don't know how much they should cost and I'll get ripped off if I don't have a good idea... hehe. Anyways, Nancy showed me the office today. Simple, but all connected to internet, etc. One of the main newspapers here is called WalFadjri, which is an arabic word for dawn, more or less. Apparently there are a lot of Lebanese here, although I have seen very few people who aren't pure African. In fact the whole experience feels very, very authentic. I had kinda braced myself for the fact that nowhere in the world hasn't been overrun by tourists, hasn't become westernized in some way. And of course there are the nice cars here, those wearing jeans and fancy white runners. But there are also (the majority) who wear traditional boubous as i think they're called, the crowded minibuses that people just hop onto, the women cooking nuts on the street. I went to visit the family i'm thinking of living with. they're a good example of the technological/traditional combination. They've got highspeed internet 24 hours a day in the home, and like 10 sheep being herded on the roof!
Anyways, I really should go find some food!
take care,


Ghadeer said...

Salam ya amari = )

Alhamdullah, you have arrived safely after the long trip. liked your blog and excited to read and learn about you and Senegal..

Sounds like an exciting 7 months are waiting for you there..Rabenna ma'aki InshAllah..

I don't think when we told you that wait until you get to Senegal,you will get our last surprise, that we meant the luggage disappearing! this is not our surprise for sure = P lol InshAllah you will get it back soon ...

Happy Canada Day sweeti = )

Take care and will be waiting to read more news..

Salam ya amara

Jahanzeb said...

Salaamulaikum Heba,
I see you have arrived in Senegal. I absolutely loved reading your posts here as it makes me feel that i am there with you in Senegal; atleast in spirit. Please keep updating from time to time and let us know how you are doing.
Remember us when u are drinking your morning coffee....
Happy Canada Day

Fresca said...


Yes, traveling alone is tough at first...and scary for a woman but trust me, it gets better and easier and it becomes a badge of honor! I'm so excited for you! Have you taken many pictures yet?

So how much should a mango cost? lol

I had a classic Canada Day complete with wacky downtown randomness, hot dogs, fireworks and of course there's always a little drama!

Wish you were here... No Wait! Wish I were THERE!

So proud of you hebster. :)