Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Transpo! Not OC

So, today's big accomplishment - other than getting the name of the British Airways guy at the airport so that I can harass him about my baggage and stop wearing other people's clothes - is.... I rode the bus! Everyone at work just taxis everywhere, cuz it's so cheap, like $1.50 a ride, but the busses just seem so exciting, so I was determined to ride one. So on my way back from the embassy today, i had to ask like 10 people how to get to where I could get on the #1 ... You always have to say "Salamu Alaikum, Ca va bien?" ... and then move on to what you really want from them. The bus costs like 30 cents, which is crazy, cuz it's actually not bad... but i had no idea where I was when he dropped me off, and had to walk in what seemed like the Sahara desert because of the sand and the heat for like 15 minutes to get back to work... yes, the heat. I finally noticed it today. The blazing sun of Senegal. I'm sure it will get much worse too. So some of my observations - I actually saw a crosswalk today... technology what?! And... a black man sweating... It seems like only the white people sweat and all the Africans can handle it... but he was wiping away with a napkin! YES! This one woman on the bus couldn't make it to the middle where you pay, so she just passed her money to the person behind her, who passed it to the person behind him, etc. etc... and then her change and ticket came all the way back to her... it was cute.

Next test for me is to ride the car rapide. Check out the pic. You just hop on the back while it's riding along. Most of them say "Alhamdullilah" across the front, that's how religious it is here... Religious, but not actually. Because they are the most relaxed Muslims I've ever seen. I passed by this beautiful mosque today, that was right along the beach. Go swimming and then go pray!

gotta check out an apartment,
write soon...


Asylum said...

Heba! Your blogs are so informative; thanks for sharing!
I look forward to reading about all your adventures :D. Peace.

mena said...

Hi Heba,
Hamdela 3asalama! Looks like you have your own mini-Amazing Race adventures going on, hehe. Love how you're approaching everything with a sense of goodwill and humor.

Take care and keep us updated,